2011 and the things that come with it…

Well, happy new years to you! Whoever you are, whatever you are I hope 2011 will bring lots of good things with it!

For myself, 2011 is shaping up to be a crazy, exciting and exhilarating year!  Lots of things happening, I have some business trips planned along with a couple vacations and also planning to get married in May, 2011 in Hawaii. So that should be exciting!

As most people one of my resolutions will be to drop a few pounds. I am really not sure how heavy I am…maybe 165-170lbs, but I would like to be around 150lbs….I can still remember how skinny I was before I met my fiance, I was probably 115-120lbs almost 7 years ago now…clearly I have been eating well and she has been feeding me lots of good yummy food…made me blow up!  I notice that now I have a double/triple chin, so I would like to drop that and be able to see the lining of my chin bone again!  As far as my stomach goes, its like a little balloon, so I hope I can pop that balloon and get that a little flatter soon!  I have most of January and February at home, so I think I will start out with the cabbage soup diet and then also for the first two months I will do the wii fit. Aya wants me to do the p90x, but I think that is a little to hardcore for me.   – I will probably start to document some changes over the next couple months.  March, I am on the road for the whole month pretty much – I will be in Muscat, Oman for a week or so, and then home for 4-5 days and then off to Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and then will take a few days vacation and most likely go to Chiang Mai, Thailand and take some Thai cooking classes – they look like a lot of fun (thaicookeryschool.com) – I think that might be a lot of fun.  I may also then come back for a couple days and then have to go to the UK and Finland in April, but that is not confirmed yet… May will then be Hawaii to marry my baby!  by that time I figure I will have my Air Canada Elite status for 2012 then, so that will be good I guess 🙂

One of my other resolutions in 2011 besides losing a little weight will be to take a greater interest people…I sometimes find that I pass up opportunities to get to know people…sometimes I am in a rush and just keep on trucking, life is fast paced so I should try to slow it down and take more time to take interest in people, be kinder and to be a better person in general.

In any case, lets see how that goes!  Here’s to a great 2011, new experiences, life changes and everything thats good!


2 thoughts on “2011 and the things that come with it…

  1. If you are in need of a photographer for your Hawaii wedding, we would love to help you out. We have 10 years of wedding photography experience, but no Hawaii weddings in the portfolio. By our name, you can tell we love the islands. Also, we love Dog the Bounty hunter on A&E too. I found you on twitter. I am also certified ACSM personal trainer if you need some tips from TN. Either way, blessings to you and your bride-to-be.

    Mahalo! Michael

    • Thanks Michael so much for your note! – We still have not yet completely finalized our photography, however we do have a close friend who does photography and he has offered to do ours for us. – As for any tips on getting into shape before our Hawaiian wedding, it would be fantastic! – Thanks again for your well wishes.



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