Human cheese whey to go…

Ok, off the top, Human Cheese – I do not know what I think about it yet…give me a couple minutes but I sure know how I feel about it! I get shivers and my spine starts to shrivel…my stomach starts spinning and my eyes zonk out…OMG look at the picture, are they really drinking some womans breast milk!

I know we drink breast milk when we are kids, but I do not think that we should continue to drink or eat in this case some random womans milk…

I have to wonder is the cheese sour, salty, sweet, spicy?  Does it depend on what she is eating? Maybe shes a hot Latino who has been eating some peppery it going to have some zing…you could name that cheese “Marias Breast Jalapeno Jack Ever”… yuck yuck yuck…

OK so now I know how I feel about it…Morally, I can’t say if it is write or wrong, but in my books it is wrong and breast milk should be used for your babies and not for cheese connoisseurs.

Last but not least, if you got milk to spare they are buying it for $2/oz.

Human cheese whey to go
National Post
19 Jan 2011

The Wisconsin Bang variety is “deliciously creamy,” City Funk has a “dizzying sweet finish,” and Sweet Airy Equity is a “mild, hard cheese that crumbles in your mouth.” The from age connoisseur might salivate at these tantalizing descriptions, but for…read more…

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