A shave and a haircut two bits

A shave and a haircut two bits! Well, not quite but almost…

I was lucky enough last September to purchase a Groupon in Vancouver for a Haircut and Straight-Razor shave from Momentum Grooming . All I can say that it was money well spent!

Momentum, is a sleek, classy and sexy modern barber shop offering old-fashioned barber services for gentlemen who appreciate the finer things in life (like myself…I think). Their chair is BIG and comfy, which makes you relax and wanting to close your eyes for some quick shut-eye!

Mk relaxing with hot towels on his faceToday, I had the pleasure of having Alyshia as my barberess (is that what you call a female barber?). She was friendly and made sure I was relaxed while promising not to cut my jugular (jk). After my haircut she explained the products she was going to be using as well as the process. She started with several hot towels and some fantastic shaving oil and then applying some warm fluffy shaving cream that felt like marshmallows on my face! Ohh soo good! She then took the straight blade and sliced off my whiskers. Again with some ultra-relaxing hot towels and with more marshmallows on my face she trimmed up the whiskers she missed. She then cleaned up with some more hot towels and then tossed in some citrus kicking aftershave balm which felt cool and wonderful followed by a cold, cold towel to close the pores…did I say cold? I think it came from the champagne cooler J

The overall experience of a Haircut and Straight-Razor shave was about 90 minutes long, I believe the regular price is approximately $80 or $85. I would say it is a fantastic deal, a great experience and yes beautifying! – Ladies if you are looking for a good gift for your man, or want him to relax – BUY him a Hot Straight Razor Shave!

Today, being a dark and gloomy day I was especially lucky to get in this sort of man-spa experience, I am feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world!

If you want to become the stud of the city, you should definitely check out Momentum Grooming!

You can check them out at: Momentum Grooming – 1237 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6Z 1Z5. 604-689-4636. www.MomentumGrooming.com – Tell them RitchWorld sent you!


Ps. I should mention that they have some amazing men’s products such as Truefit & Hill, Anthony Logistics, Baxter of California, as well as some really nifty razors! I personally use a safety razor (bought from Momentum) and can suggest Truefit & Hill 1805 shave cream and for an aftershave check out Baxter of California aftershave balm! available to buy in their store and also online (www.momentumgrooming.com).

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