Roots Canada

Usually, I am not one to endorse big business’, but I have to say Roots puts out a nice product!  In early December, I saw a CBC National special on Roots Canada, buying Canadian, the process of making their products and also explained where the majority of revenue goes to. You can go to the roots page and link to see the video

I have to say after watching that I understood why people like their products. A. They are good quality, many are handmade, and the people they have working for them are good hard working employees.  What is also nice is that it appears that Roots do not cheap out its employees.   For Christmas, I bought my fiance a purse from Roots and happy to say that she LOVES it, and has been using it a ton since she got it. It is soft, classy and has some great style. I also previously bought 2 Canadian Roots Passport holders which are soft and look fantastic as well as seem to be holding up extremely well.

If you are looking for good quality Canadian made products, Check out Roots Canada –


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