Garden Protein – Plant based meat substitutes? Really?

You know what Oprah touches is Gold!  – Oprah, is endorsing a local Vancouver/Richmond company called “Garden Protein” that manufactures plant based meat substitutes. I am very curious to know how this tastes, doe it taste like the real thing, or like rubber bands?  The first thing I think about when someone says vegan is “flaky”, yes “flaky” that is being kind in my words.. I have other things I think, but I shouldn’t write it! The closest thing I have eaten to vegan is Tofu..I probably shouldn’t admit it, but I do eat tofu, but I fry it up in lots of butter goodness and then pile on the Thai Chili Sauce…it’s good…don’t tell my friends about my little secret!

I saw a breif commercial a day or two ago of the Oprah show and some man lost a substantial amount of weight on a vegan diet…Is a vegan diet cleanse the key to drop some weight (other than exercising)? – I know for myself and getting ready for my wedding in May, I would be interesting in finding an easier way to lose weight than hitting up the exercise room.

I also question Nutrients, do these vegan diets give you the full amount of nutrients that you normally have from a well balanced diet?

I would be extremely interested to know the costs about this and test for myself to see if this garden protein is all that its beefed up to be…or should I say lets Soy it up? – Generally speaking Oprah usually has good sense in products…

In any case, good luck to our local Vancouver company Garden Protein, if you have any good deals for a trial run of your products my fiance and I would be very interested in testing it out…just thought I would put it out there….


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