Do married people live longer than single ones, or does it only seem longer?”

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner for all of the lover’s out there…and if you’re looking for love, maybe cupid will pierce your heart with a zinger this year…For some it’s the catch of a lifetime and for other’s it’s catch and release.

There’s not a formula that equates into the perfect duo, but a little charm and chemistry begins the process through the hills and valleys, ups and downs of human relationship.  It isn’t without a price; ask my husband.  After 32 years, he’s still paying!  lol

One thing for sure, in a relationship based on love and respect; there is a lot of compromise.  For many situations, compromise is a dirty word that requires one to set aside their moral convictions but in terms of a marriage, compromise is an everyday decision that causes the lover to put aside his/her desires so that love will prevail.  The other day he wanted steak and had to compromise for the ‘tube’ version.  Now, that’s love!

Years ago we made a decision that has proved very wise…I laugh at his jokes and…he eats my cooking!

Although I consider myself a reasonably good cook, I think he got the better deal!  Some of his jokes are on the ‘sick and demented’ side, but because he is special…sometimes special needs,  I try and humour him with the odd sideways grin or a hearty guffaw.  Either way, he gets my attention.

A few things that I have learnt about love and relationship that may be of help to some are: get a dog to bring his slippers; the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so learn to turn fridge leftovers into cuisine a la King; do the laundry so he doesn’t have to wear your thong underwear; make sure the remote for the TV is ready for sports surfing and sitting in hand’s reach of the lazy boy himself; and keep some eu de parfum in the bathroom to camouflage his eu de poo poo.

For sure, the up-side of any relationship is a good sense of humour with the ability to see past the stresses of each day.  The best advice that he still doles out occasionally is, “Joan, one bad day doesn’t make a lifetime!”  But I was wondering, “Do married people live longer than single ones, or does it only seem longer?”   Stephen Wright



One thought on “Do married people live longer than single ones, or does it only seem longer?”

  1. It sure is true that one day doesn’t make a lifetime – Dad always tells me that when I complain about the woman…lol – As long as there are more good days than bad days!! 🙂

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