Weekend Plans & Some Travel Inspirations

Thinking about the upcoming weekend and weekends before travels begin next month once again…I am trying to plan my weekends to get the absolute most out of them and spending time with my woman 🙂

This weekend, should be good and provide some travel inspirations. In Vancouver here, there is the Flight Centre Travel Expo which is always fairly decent!  Although, I can say I am not a fan by any means of Flight Centre (we can save that topic for another day, but if you are wondering, I think their price match system sucks and it has never worked for me and also many (not all) of their travel specialists barely have a half-assed idea of what they are doing – Keep in mind this is just from my experiences…which I have given them about 4 tries in the past…Also, I do expect a high level of service from a travel agent)…I am always interested in being inspired and of course finding a good deal.

I know a couple years ago they had a travel show and Air Canada was giving 15% off their flights, so in that case I was able to save a couple hundred bucks which was most awesome!  They also had a draw for an ICH Hotels Platinum Elite Status which I won and used rather regularly, however their status is extremely hard to maintain so now I generally book my hotels on PriceLine which provides me with great deals and often I get quite a nice hotel.

I am looking at their exhibitor list and it seems fairly decent and I have a good idea of who I want to see and get inspired by….perhaps I may be shopping around for that perfect honeymoon destination!!! – Just a note, I am somewhat biased when it comes to airlines, etc as I am very much loyal to Star Alliance….So I can already tell you that if the airline is not Star Alliance I am probably not interested in looking at it…lol Sorry Westjet, China Airlines, Air Pacific, EVA… –  actually  I have flown on Westjet a few times, they are ok but there is no reward for flying their airline and also they are not really with any alliance yet…EVA on the other hand is probably one of, if not the worst airline I have ever flown on…if you are going to Taiwan, you may as well fly on a Star Alliance through Japan or Korea or China….

In any case, not much else is happening this weekend besides cleaning the house and hopefully getting caught up on other housework and some good organising around the house 🙂

you can check out http://www.flightcentre.ca for more information, I think almost of their major city locations will be hosting some type of travel expo.


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