Weekend Plans & Travel Inspirations – Part 2

Ok, so I had a fairly eventful Friday evening and Saturday!  My brother came over last night and we had some drinks, played video games (Fifa on PS3).  We woke up in the morning and then headed down-town. I went to the Apple Store and had my 64GB iPad replaced…The screen was loose – on the left side everytime I pushed down on it, it would click…really annoying. Actually, the most annoying part of the whole thing is that I need to re-install everything…although everything is backed up, I still have to replay all the games to get to the same levels where I was at.  Boo Hoo 😦

After Apple replaced my iPad, we then took a stroll down to Vancouver convention Centre to see the Flight Centre travel show…As I am always looking for a good deal, I was told that there were 15% off Air Canada flights today!!! I was rather quite excited, as I needed to book a flight to Hong Kong in March – I found a smashing deal already at $798cdn + tax, so I was hoping for a 15% off that..which would have been totally killer!!!  I had a coupon code from Air Canada yesterday for 10% off flights but it had to be used by midnight last night, I wanted the best deal possible so I held off for today…in any case, I walk in and speak to a guy and he tells me to go wait for this one lady…cant remember her name…anyways waited about 20-25 minutres for her and told her what I needed and then she said that the flight was not eligible for the 15% off from YVR-HKG, so as you can imagine I was completely pissed off, ohh yes.. and let her know.. pretty damn frustrating when you are told there is something, but then they say its not…grrr get your damn story straight!

Well took a quick look at the rest of the show…Air New Zealand, Malaysia, Fiji, etc… only looked at Star Alliance Partners and then looked at a couple country booths which interested me :)…I may have found some travel inspiration and go to Malaysia at the end of March for a couple days, looks rather interesting.. I have been to KL before but not to Langkawi or Penang…we’ll see. I got 3 days booked off for holiday time at the end of my business trip, so hope I can explore, rest and experience something great!

When I got home, I played around on multiple travel sites, Air Canada, Travelocity, Expedia, PriceLine, etc.. but ended up buying my great deal on Expedia…So I purchased the flights from YVR-HKG-SIN-YVR(via HKG)… the other portion of my trip I have booked on points HKG-TPE, I guess that will save the company a few bills :). I like to think that I am a good shopper when it comes to travel and find a weird enjoyment playing around with websites to find the best deal..it’s like a game or kind of like a puzzle, you have the trip planed out, but you have to look at every option from one way flights to multi-leg destinations to multiple return flights…luckily this time, I only got 2 sets of tickets to deal with, which is nice.

Well now that it is booked, I will need to start looking at planning my honeymoon with my sweetness…I really want to go to Africa on Safari in January, but I think that may be pushing the $$$$. I have enough points that I would not be worried about flights, but maybe the other option might be the South Pacific or something…not sure!  Time will tell I guess

In any case, today was a good day – Once again, Apple has proved their warranty is fantastic with no hassles (which I appreciate), and flight centre proved that they are definitely beatable…and in my blunt opinion a lame ass travel company…(sorry if you work for them, but after trying so many times to give them business…just always get crappy results from them…) – I like to think, I am smarter when it comes to travel bookings and creative travel approaches to get the best deal ever!!!

Tonight, I will be dreaming happy thoughts and looking forward a a short flight from HKG-SIN on the amazing and most wonderful aircraft ever!!! the Airbus A380…I rode on it twice before and it is in every way amazing and fantastic…really that is probably the most lamest of excitement, but it sure gets me really excited!!! – Airplane rides are fun!



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