To my Valentines

I read that Valentines is a day for people to put it all on the line and tell the ones they care about how much they mean to them and how much you LOVE them…so here it is!

To my Fiance Aya, I LOVE you so much, you are beautiful to me in every way imaginable…except when you yell at me and tell me that I have done  something stupid…In any case, the past 6 years and 8 months have been incredible…there has been TONS of UP’s and a few downers but mostly it has been all UP’s!  You have helped me through personal battles and have also been supportive of my dreams and goals! You are the backbone to my achievements over the past six years.  The other thing I love about you is your sense for adventure, on all the trips I go on, I always have the most fun when you are with me, it always feels like a special experience that we have together, I hope throughout our life together we will have lots of adventures allowing us to explore and experience life to the fullest! I always tell you I love you more than you love me, but I think we love each other the same…I love the way you make me feel loved! You do it so good! I can’t wait to Marry you in Hawaii in May…this is only a start and it’s going to get a billion times better!

I love you like a fat boy loves cake! – You sweeten my life baby!

To my Mom and Dad, You guys are the greatest! I have always appreciated the fact that you have been like friends to me, rather than parents. Of course at a younger age, you were the ones who disciplined me and have helped to mold me into the person I am today.  You have always been supportive of my dreams, goals and ambitions and have always told me to hold out for what I want in life and not to settle for anything less.  I am more than proud to call you my best friends and my parents.  I love you both so much!

To my Brother, good times! I remember when we were younger and couldn’t get along…I am sooo happy those times are gone and we are mature and old enough to get along and to accept each-other for who we are.  I am proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and taking chances.  Nobody ever got anywhere without taking a chance!  They say you can choose your friends but not your family. If I had to choose my family, I would still choose you. You are loyal, trusting, caring and very adventurous. I love it that you just roll with the flow and seem not to care to much about things. I wish I had that trait from me.  I am happy to call you brother and friend.

To Jenn, Kris’ other half. I appreciate you too and am thankful that you are in Kris’s life. Although, we might not see eye to eye on everything. I do think that you are a very deserving person who deserves good things in life. You make my brother happy, thus I love you also.

Happy Valentines to my wonderful family! I love you all and my life would incomplete without you!



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