When you die, who will remember?

Time comes and go, humans come and go…but where do they go? Are they remembered or are they forgotten?  If they are remembered, for how long are they remembered, Decades, Centuries, Millenniums?  I have been thinking about life lately and wondered if I died today would I be remembered, would I be leaving a legacy behind of anything?  If so for what?  Well I think we all know the answer to that…myself just like most others in the world could probably honestly say that we probably would not be leaving a legacy behind of any type…I think we would be remembered but probably for a limited number of years, until immediate family passes, my guess is that mostly friends will remember for a year or two and then pretty much forget about you. – In thinking forward, I hope the day I die people will remember me as someone who had an impact on the world and the lives of others…today I don’t believe I have impacted a lot of people, but I know that there are opportunities and things I can do to ensure that the day I do die that I leave a legacy and will be remembered.

Ps. In no way am I planning on living a short life or dying anytime soon…but you do need to realize that death is one of those things no living being can escape…

One thought on “When you die, who will remember?

  1. Funny post..i think the majority of the people today are the walking dead, living life, waiting to die. I think if you live for today, that is something that will be remembered. I often think of my Grandma, who was just a person who loved life, and even after years, I still think about her. On the other side of the coin, we still remember our cats, who gave us nothing but a smelly litter box. I think those who are remembered least are those who lived a self centred life of accumulation. Point is simply..live for today, appreciate your friends and family and treat those like you would like to be treated. Leave everything better than you find it. People who have screwed me over the years, still have to live with themselves, maybe not afraid to die, but likely ashamed to die, there is still eternity to deal with.

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