O’man, I am going to Oman – Business as usual in Oman?

O’Man, I am going to Oman! I have plans to leave on Friday for Muscat, Oman where I will be speaking at a library conference on digital newspapers as well as plan to exhibit and promote our company.  I have been to the Middle East a few times now and know that the people there are wonderful, caring and the region generally feels quite safe to me.  As we have seen the news over the past month the region is clearly unstable…looking at Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and now Oman.   Starting last week there have been some protests in Oman with several people killed from my understanding.

As, I want to be a cautious, safe and smart traveler. I have emailed my associates in Oman asking about the situation and have been clearly told “The situation in Oman is stable, news and media always make a big exaggeration for the situation in the Gulf Region, protest can happen in Canada & USA, but the life, business and everything is running normally”.  Another associate said “The situation is stable and we do not feel any difference in daily life, don’t worry and welcome to Oman!”

There was also an article in Google news today that says “Business as usual in Oman

So there you have it, Oman is as safe is it will ever be. I am looking forward to doing business with my Middle Eastern partners and meeting new partners and clients. I have lots of respect for the culture and the people and enjoy my time with them.

Looking forward to a successful and safe business trip and of course experiencing some of the beautiful Arab Culture



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