Nexus for domestic travel

Did you know you can use your Nexus pass for security clearance while traveling domestically? This morning while going through domestic security at YVR there was a special Nexus line. I was quite curious to see what that was abut, it seems they have made a special line for Nexus members, I guess it is a fairly good assumption that people who hold a Nexus are probably frequent travelers and should know how to properly go through security checks. (pull out electronics, etc…).

I asked one of the works how long this has been in place, he said only a week, I do not know if they also have a special Nexus line for security checks going international, but I would assume they do, if not I guess they are probably rolling them out?

Anyways, I think the special Nexus line is fantastic and will help save me even more time while traveling…less time doing security checks, more time enjoying the airline lounges!


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