5am wake-up call from the mosque (Muscat, Oman)

I am having an extremely hard time trying to adjust to the time-zone here in Muscat, Oman.  Last night I had gotten to bed at 9:30 after nearly falling asleep eating my dinner.  I was having an ok sleep (woke up only a few times…) I then got woken up at 5am actually 507am to be precise…The Mosque was having its morning prayer (wake-up call!)

In all honesty it is really amazing and a beautiful thing to hear the sounds of their prayers from the mosque throughout the city. Although, as a westerner we are not used to this, so it seems really strange to wake up to these sounds. They do this five times a day. But at 5am, I wish they could turn the speakers down a little bit, because I really needed a good sleep last night and didnt get it. I got woken up and unfortunately did not make it back to sleep.

I have included two video clips from my hotel room which have the sounds of the prayers in the background.



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