Alcoholic mayor banned from meeting one-on-one with female employees.

I have always been taught not to be happy in someones downfall, but for some reason today I feel OK to be happy about one mans fall…with a little hope he doesn’t get back up…yes it sounds harsh, but there might be a little bitterness…

Today’s headlines shows the ‘mayor’ of Fort St. John getting himself into a little trouble of being a drunken dog and obviously a dirty little man… why else could he not be around a female colleague…Creeper? You can decide!    My thoughts on people who hold some type of power or authority should definitely hold some type of honesty, integrity and should be someone who displays excellence both personally and professionally.

I am very curious to know what kind of alcoholic activities he might have done to be barred from one-on-one meetings with female employees along with being barred from leaving his region?

This could definitely be the start of some interesting revelations….I am curious to know if there will be some stories about cheating, lying, deceit, theft or anything else of that matter…

I have to wonder if a mans guilty conscience could weigh down so much on a person to cause them a heart attack?

Karma’s a Bitch, What goes around comes around!



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