Its been a while…

I’m guilty, I have not come through with my resolution to blog everyday… I Failed… well hopefully I am back for a bit!  It’s been a while since I have last blogged, well probably like a month! Where has the time gone?

I’m not going to make excuses and say I forgot or anything, but really I have been busy busy busy and wish I would have had so much more time to blog.

At the beginning of March I had a quick stint in Oman, and then was home for a week before heading to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and then took a couple days of well deserved vacation time and spent that in Vietnam with some old friends – It was really fantastic to reconnect!

Other news…it is only a little over a month until i’m getting married!  So that is coming super super quick. Both Aya and I took a quick trip on Friday to Seattle and Bellevue to find some wedding clothes for me. I found some nice Polo by Ralph Lauren and a nice top from some other store (cant remember the name of it), and then another shirt from Tommy Bahama…so I think I am now almost set for the big day.. maybe buy a new belt, some sandals, new shades and perhaps a new flask…cant forget the flask on the wedding day to help take away any nerves that there might be…lol

Other than that not much is new, I am home now for two weeks before going to Turkey to attend a conference, it should be rather interesting, I have yet to visit Turkey so I am kind of excited to eat some Turkish Delights!!!

I have some great stories and pictures from my Asia trip, so I will try to get back on sooner than later and tell you about them!



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