Two weeks until good company and beverages!

Time has been flying by!  It’s less than two weeks away until I will go to Hawaii to spend some time with friends, family and of course seal my life commitment to Aya. – Looking forward to it to say the least.

I was though thinking the other day about people in my life who I wish could make it to see this day. One in particular is Grandma Wiebe, she was such as an amazing person! She passed away about 11-12 years ago. I remember her so clearly growing up, she always went out of her way for us. Although she was an old lady she always gave us the best of her!  Thinking if there was one person I could bring back to be there it would be her!

Right now, I am happy that my closest family and extended family are able to make it, unfortunately a couple of my friends that I have known since I was pretty much born are unable to make-it but that is ok. Hawaii, is not the closest of places so it does make it a challenge for everyone to come. For people who are coming, I really appreciate the time they are taking, the sacrifices they are making to join us on our day.

Last but not least, there is one Hawaiian, person I would kill to have at my wedding – DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER! I think he is the greatest, he and his wife Beth. I think it would totally kicker to have them show up at my wedding or the reception.

Other than that, I am looking foward to Hawaii in two weeks time, enjoying the sun, some good beverages and of course the great company of my closest family and friends!



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