7-11 FREE Birthday Slurpee NOT FREE and Limited?

Pretty annoyed this evening with 7-11 located at 6904 Victoria Drive, Vancouver. BC.  All day I saw ad’s online, in newspapers, on radio, etc saying Come wish 7-11 a Happy Birthday and enjoy a free Slurpee!  Well I was out getting groceries and went out of my way to swing by 7-11 and was planning to buy some other snacks and lottery as well but when I showed up there was a sign on the door saying “SORRY we do not have any FREE SLURPEE we gave more than 1000 cups already sorry again”…

Stupidly, my wife decided she didn’t care and wanted one because of all the ads and ended up going in an buying one. I refused to pay for one…I HATE being told one thing and then seeing something else. Being misled is not cool 7-11. You may have just lost a customer….


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