Never forget there is Life after death and taxes

What a rough weekend it has been. I arrived home from some great vacation with wife in DisneyWorld (Orlando) – I was getting ready for work on Friday morning and received a call from my Grandpa telling me that my Grandma was not doing very good and that I should want to consider going up to Kelowna to see her.  

My wife and I went up right then to see Grandma, at the hospital – it was heart breaking to see her in the state she was in.  She has suffered from Parkingsons for nearly 20 years, but now it has gotten so bad that she can’t stand on her own, move around, etc. It was only six months that we saw her last and it seemed like it was getting a little worse than usual, but didn’t think too much of it.   (as a side note, I think Parkinson’s is one of the ugliest disease ever! It is a slow and painful killer)

To see grandma go from mobile and active to not able to even feed herself or even swallow full pills was beyond heart breaking. Theres a lot of things that go through your head that you want to ask before she passes, but really now is not the time as we all know her time is very near.

I am kicking myself for not taking the time while growing up to ask more about her life, and to know things like what was the greatest world invention you have seen, what where the major milestones in your life? if you can give some advice to live by what would it be?  just all these things come up and I wanted to ask so much, but couldn’t.   

The fact is and hard to accept she will moving on to a better place very shortly where there is no more pain and no more suffering.  The thing that we hold on to and that keeps us calm and at peace is the belief that we will see her again in heaven one day.  

For my friends and people who may come across this blog, ask your friends, family and relatives things you want to know before it is too late.

Keep hope and faith and remember that there is life after death and taxes.

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