Remembering Grandma Wiebe

Grandma Wiebe, 

Nine years ago today you had left this world for a better place!  I consider myself extremely lucky to have known you, my great grandma and to have had a relationship with you. I have lots of great memories of playing canasta, eating your cooking and of course celebrating lots of holidays together.

You were a precious diamond to all who knew you. You inspired, encouraged, loved and cared for all.  

Family & Great Grandma Wiebe

Oma & Great Grandma Wiebe 1990

I think about your long life of 99 years and how interesting it might have been – I hope one day I would be able to hear all about it. You were blessed and lucky enough to see much of the evolution of society, from television to modern transportation. What a life it must have been. I am thankful that for nearly all your life you were healthy and whole and most of all that you were able to be part of my life while growing up.

Thinking about you today and remembering the great times! You are always missed and forever loved! 

Your grandson (with the ugly haircut).




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