Mr. Taxi Driver (T-8447) in Sydney, AU – Don’t complain when you have nobody to drive…

To the Loser Taxi Driver (Car #8447, of Taxi’s Combined Services) in Sydney, Australia.

I just want to send you a note of thanks for rejecting to take me to my destination of Paddys Market from the Marriott (Sunday Feb 12, 2012 around 9:50am). Who knows, you may have saved my life…Well, that is if you crashed while driving me to my destination. In any case, you saved me roughly $10.00.

Although, I am still a little annoyed you should know my thoughts.  – As a visitor to your city, I am not interested in mapping my way around and trying to walk and ask people if I am going the right way. If I am paying you for a service that you are supposed to provide.  Just do it and be thankful that someone is hiring you.

In any case, I am glad that the weather was good this morning, because it probably means that your business was slower than usual.  I guess you must drive a lot of people around so it doesn’t matter if you reject clients. Your colleagues that I spoke to today while taking them to other points of interest around town, said they would take any job. Even a $5 job…as days like today are apparently quite slow…

On a final note, I just wanted to let you know that nobody cares, nor should they care to listen to you next time you complain that you have nobody to drive around town.

Kind Regards,


2 thoughts on “Mr. Taxi Driver (T-8447) in Sydney, AU – Don’t complain when you have nobody to drive…

  1. Thanks for your note. there is indeed an RSS feed available (although a little hidden). It is located on the right hand side near the top of the page (just right of RITCHWORLD).

    have a fantastic day and thanks for the follow!

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