What do you do in your ‘life’? Do you have a hobby or are you a hobbit?

Last night while having a birthday dinner for one of my close friends, another friend asked me curiously “What are your hobbies?”  I started thinking of it, and well there are a lot of things I enjoy doing like playing sports (Squash & Golf), travel, eat, cook – I like these, but do I do anything further to learn about them or to perfect them? If not, do they still constitute as hobbies or not?

We talked and the conversation continued on more about what do you do during “Life”? I come home after work and cook some food and I usually do a little more “work”, its not that its a bad thing, because I sincerely do love and care about what I do, so it could almost be considered a hobby? – I guess not. 

Thinking more about it last night and this morning, there are a number of things I really enjoy to do, but I have not made an extra effort to specifically focus or perfect any of those hobbies.  

Thinking on a little bit of a deeper level, I do not want life to just pass by – work, eat, sleep, work, eat sleep. I should really take the time to find a good hobby that I can enjoy and share with others, probably something that is not a huge drain of financial resources might be good, as long as it is simple fun and enjoyable.

I guess a couple of the hobbies I do have is reading online and in books magazines as National Geographic Traveler, Conde Nast Traveler, Monocle) about different countries, cultures and places.  Another hobby that I tried to start for myself was getting my private pilots license, but I only ever made it half way through as I was doing a lot of traveling already and have a limited amount of $$$$ to my name. 🙂 – I think maybe in the future when things slow down a bit and I am spending more time at home, it would be very possible to continue to learn and expand that interest in flying.  

During the course of this year, I think rather than being a hobbit I am going to try and find that hobby that I really enjoy. Something that I can enjoy with friends, family and share with others at my leisure.


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