Dear Ellen DeGeneres, lifes a beach and so should your show…

Dear Ellen DeGeneres,

Your show is fun! Usually when I see it on tv, I will watch few minutes, or check out some clips on your website (  Your personality is hot like fire and your dance moves are thrilling, probably better than MJ’s…Watching the first 3-4 minutes of your show is probably the best training ground for anyone who is interested to learn how to dance.

As you know in the Great White North, we are having winter, it is usually pretty chilly. – I am thinking, it would be great if you had your stage set-up as an artificial beach with some artificial sunlight similar to this old-folks home in Toronto – On the other hand, aybe you want to start “Ellens Sunshine State” tanning salon where you could replicate the artificial beach and sun along with having an area to bust some moves in the sunlight…sounds pretty good to me! If you ever considered this, please look at Vancouver as a place to launch this venture.

Although, you probably will not set up a warm place for us, do know that your show is always fun to watch and does warm us up with good laughs and brilliant dance moves.


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