My March 11, 2011.

I can still remember March 11, 2011 so clearly like it was yesterday. I had left Muscat, Oman on Swiss Airlines to Zurich to connect to my Air Canada flight.  I had arrived in Zurich and immediately went to the Star Alliance Lounge where I could relax, clean up and get a snack, etc.  I remember walking into the lounge and everybody in the lounge was around the Televisions, stuck to them like glue.  There was an earthquake followed by a Tsunami in Japan, I remember my heart sinking and sitting beside a man who was supposed to go to Japan, I am not sure if his flight was cancelled or what not. My wife is full blooded Japanese (but born in Canada), so it is definitely not hard to feel a connection to Japan.  I remember it like yesterday and always think about it. Japan is a great place, the people are wonderful, considerate and kind.  Without doubt, I know Japan will rebound and the people and country will become greater because of what happened.

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