Simple things you miss when your on the road…

I’ll admit it, yes I love travel and experiencing new things.  But there are simple things that you start to miss very quickly.  I miss my wife, I love coming home at night and seeing her and of course sleeping in the same bed as her. When your on the road, the bed can be cold…i usually make sure my bed as like 1000000 pillows and end up spooning those all night… maybe that too much info…lol  

I also miss talking to my parents and grandparents, I talk to my parents probably 1 to 2 times per day, just saying hi, bouncing ideas off each other, etc… I am close to them and would consider them best friends over parents and better friends than any other friends that I might have… so that may be weird but i think its cool.

I am an uncle now, so that is super cool…I want to see baby Sayaka so bad, my wife uploads pictures and I get to see them via photo-stream on my iPhone so that is really wonderful!  

Being on the road, is good but there is a lot of “Life” that is missed, I wish there was a simple way to teleport quickly, there isn’t yet, so for now. I am thankful for technologies such as Skype, FaceTime, Photo-Stream and definitely the internet in general.

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