Impressions of Bahrain

Well it’s been a quick 3 days in Bahrain and I am mostly ready to go home. I am extremely tired (jet lag) and will be happy in about 4 hours time when I am seated in seat to Milan via Frankfurt.

Before I had left Canada, I had applied of a visa online, it was rejected, but I read online that visas were available on site. On my arrival I went to purchase a visa and they sent me away into an area where there was about 11 caucasion men. Lol I am unsure, but it totally felt like racial profiling. I waited about 30 min and then they let me in. As for colleagues, some of them waited as long as 3.5 hours before they were allowed in. At the conference there was also several companies who didn’t get in or get their visas approved. What a pitty, people coming from around the world for a conference and the country doesn’t let them in. I guess the authorities are cracking down as many people are coming here to protest and be part of “demonstrations”.

Well happy I came again to the gulf business was fairly decent, Manama was interesting enough, but I do think maybe there are some more interesting places in the gulf.

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