Resting up is important.

Sometimes staying in and resting up is extremely important, I left my hotel last night in Bahrain around 8pm, and made it to Milan this morning around 11am. after connections and a bus. I then had to wait in a queue for over an hour to get a taxi to my hotel, it was awful. Upon my hotel at NH Nhew hotel (Cool hotel btw), They didn’t have any rooms until about 3pm, so I had some lunch and rummaged through a few emails before making it up to my room.   I was so tired and exhausted due to the sloth on the airplane beside me, who must have thought that half of my seat was his seat…I really dislike ‘larger” people on airplanes who do not purchase enough space for themselves…in any case – I think the airlines in the USA have addressed that fairly good compared to the airlines in Europe.  I decided to take a quick rest and was going to go see a couple sites, clearly my rest was much longer than I expected it to be, it is now 9pm and I am still tired and sleepy, so I think I will just be staying in tonight and maybe google the images of Milan.  Yes, disappointing I know, but truth is, I am usually go go go an I need to really learn to take better care of myself and my rest and ensure that I am healthy and whole for my meetings. The next two days will be another conference and I am expecting it to be busy and fruitful!


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