Italian donkey meat Pasta! Yum Yum

I am trying to think of a good subject for my blog post, but really good not come up with anything that just sounded wrong… subject titles such as:

  • I had ass for dinner last night
  • I had ass meat for dinner
  • Donkey meat in my pasta

I  don’t know, it just sounds all bad…well last night my business partner took me to this incredible little tavern place that was well over 100 years old and we had donkey meat spaghetti, or ass meat pasta…that was the first time I had ass for dinner and yeah, it was really good!   I have had 3 dishes of pasta in the last couple days since I have been in Milan, but am starting to notice that it is substantially different than what we get at home. At home we cook pasta until it is almost soggy or really soft, here they cook it and it is soft but kind of crunchy at the same time…Maybe I am just a bad pasta chef back home, not sure…

So far my very limited impressions of Milan, is that its a nice city with narrow streets, lots of vespa’s. The people are friendly and speak with passion and action – I love watching their hand movements and how they express themselves, I can never tell if a fist is going to fly or if they are just talking normal.

I am leaving back home in the morning, so tonight will be my last chance to indulge in Italian goodness!


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