Lufthansa Airlines – Hard ass seats

Off the top…sorry Lufthansa

And the airline award for the most damn uncomfortable seat goes to Lufthansa. Yes, I said Lufthansa – I do not remember traveling in seats that were like sitting on a 2×4. They are definitely “military” style seats. Lol (I will upload pic later)

The flight this past week from Frankfurt to Doha and then onto Manama was on an Airbus 340. I took several pillows and put them under my toosh. On Tuesday night back to Frankfurt, I didn’t get that same pleasure with the extra pillows, just the pleasure of having a sore sore flat ass. In any case you are considering overseas flights you may want to check seat comfyness reviews. I give Lufthansa a 6 and that is only because it reclines quite a bit, in fact much further than Air Canada. Air Canada seats are more plush and comfortable for longer flights.

The food on Lufthansa was not all that bad, better than majority of airlines I think. I do appreciate the fact that give me metal cutlery so I can poke the man beside me who should have bought two seats, since he took up 35% of my seat. There is nothing more annoying than having to share your seat with a big sweaty stranger. Yuck!

One thing I am extremely interested to know is about baggage allowance across the whole Star Alliance. As for myself I am a Star Alliance Gold member (Air Canada Super Elite). I know Air Canada allows me to check in Three pieces of Luggage to any destination I go, thinking back to times I have flown on other Star Alliance carries such as ANA, Thai Airways, United, etc it has not been a problem to check three pieces in.


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