The Worst Team in the World Apparently the “Canadian Soccer Champs” … #TFC #WhitecapsFC

As a big fan of the great game, an MLS supporter and a WhiteCapsFC supporter I am really bummed out to see that the Whitecaps have lost to “The Worst Team in the World” – Does this now make Vancouver Whitecaps the Worst Team in the World? – Doubtful…atleast they can tie and/or win MLS matches, where the Toronto Football Club has not yet one a single game in the MLS league this year…after playing 9 games with 0 wins, 0 ties and 9 losses, I am 100% sure they are the worst team in the league, but maybe not yet quite the worst game in the world…perhaps 2 more losses and we can really label Toronto Football club the worst team in the world.

As for my Vancouver Whitecaps. I must say I am really disappointed in their performance today and think they could have done a lot better. It was clear by their performance that they really did not want to be in Toronto. I am unsure if they are just tired and exhausted from their busy schedule, or just went in with a bad attitude.  It was great to see a rough game and some good excitement.  Whitecaps FC, you have better days to come and next time we see them Toronto FC, we will kick their back-ends left right and centre!

Last but not least, lets agree with Danny Koeverman when he says that the Toronto Football Club is “The Worst Team in the World”.

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