Mom doesn’t realize she has a business class seat YVR-HKG #AC007 #AirCanada

I’m feeling really happy today! Mom and dad had spent last night at Calgary Airport due to their flight being cancelled from Calgary to Tokyo because of bad weather (Lightning, Thunder, etc.). – They got rebooked and luckily enough got moved from a Tango Fare to a Latitude Fare. I was able to use my Air Canada e-Upgrade credits to get them an upgrade from Calgary (YYC) to Vancouver (YVR) to Hong Kong (HKG). This is pretty much their first time flying business class, so I am extremely excited and happy that they get to be blessed and have an incredible journey to Asia this afternoon. – Thank you Air Canada for treating me and my family so amazing. Your rewards program is brilliant and you have allowed us to Experience great things!

The real funny thing is that both Dad and I have known all day that they got bumped and we have been telling her she will have an emergency exit so she can enjoy a little extra leg room!  We have also been teasing her about sleeping on the plane and having mimosas and enjoying some port and cheese!

Also, a special thank you to Gayle from AC Concierge in Calgary for taking great care of my parents yesterday in Calgary as well as Gina from ACSE Desk for ensuring my parents got rebooked ASAP. I am looking forward to family vacation this upcoming weekend. I will see you on the party bus AC63 on Saturday!



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