Holidays begin!

Holidays begin! There is nothing better than free holidays, well almost free! Last September my wife had won a free trip on the Reunification Express from The prize pack came complete with an 11 day tour from Geckos, flights from the Adventure Centre and a prize pack from Arcteryx! I have to say I personally think the Arcteryx pack is probably the coolest! My wife is now sporting an awesome purple light weight rain shell and also a super cool travel pack! I will post pictures later for you!!! (note: prize was for her, I paid so I could tag along!)

We are really excited about this trip as we have been to Vietnam once before together about 7 years ago where we spent most of our time in the North. The reunification express will take us by train from Hanoi to Hue, Hoi Anh, Nha Trang and ten finally Ho Chi Minh City. At the end of the tour we will spend a few days back in Nha Trang enjoying some beach time!

I am happy we will also have some companions on this trip! My parents from Saskatchewan will be joing us on this adventure! None of us have ever done a planned tour so this will be a first! We are very keen to try this type of travel and to see if it fits our “travel style”.

Here’s to having a great well deserved holiday!


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