Make way for the King & Queen (Hue, Vietnam) #Geckostails

Make way for the King and Queen, Yours truly was the royalty last evening in Hue, Vietnam while we went for a cultural dinner (Anphu Garden) with our peasants.  The evening was  great times all around.  It was a theme/dress party with cultural entertainment and food. The presentation of the food was absolutely incredible!

Our 1 day stay in Hue was action packed and our guide kept us really busy!  Everyone was beat out by the end of the night, but definitely feel like we got to share some of the cultural and excitement in this wonderful city!  Hue is definitely a hidden gem in Vietnam and shouldn’t be passed up.  The citadel and the pagoda was also great, watching the monks “in  training” pray. I definitely admire their dedication.

On a sad note, it seems that our guide may be leaving us today or tomorrow. His father is very sick and has stage 4 cancer. I believe that Geckos travel, will be arranging a new guide to come and replace him for the last week of our adventure.  If you are reading this, please say a prayer for Ngoc and that he will feel comforted and will be able to stay strong during these hard times. Life is a precious thing and too many of us take it for granted, we have to keep living each day as if it were our last.

I have put some pictures and movies below, hope you enjoy!!!


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