Nha Trang, Vietnam – Fun and Sea #GeckosTales #GeckosPics

Like they always say, a little late is better than never!  We have now completed our Gecko’s Tour in Vietnam and are back in Nha Trang to enjoy the sun, beach and to wind down before going back to Vancouver next week.

Nha Trang is more-less situated in the middle of Vietnam. A 1 hour flight or a 10 hour overnight train ride from Ho Chi Minh City.  The weather on cloudy days seem a little humid but on a sunny day feels more dry. The beaches are full of white sand and palm tree’s lining the main drag.  From what I have experienced in Nha Trang compared with other cities throughout Vietnam is that it is much more expensive here being a tourist orientated town.  Bargains are much harder to find unless you are visiting the Dam Market.  – It seems that people here are just paying the price that the vendors are asking which is probably the reason for no bargains… If you are a traveler, you don’t always have to pay what they ask for…heckle, bargain until you get the price that you are willing to pay, but don’t get screwed!  – Heres an example. a double-wide silk sleeping bag, in Hoi An, we were able to score for about 6-7$ per bag.  Here in Nha Trang, they won’t go below 12$.  They are exactly the same brand, materials and product.  Kind of annoying.  – I am not sure what or why it is like this, but I am wondering if maybe it has to do with the Russian tourists here?  There seems to be a lot of Russian money here. One of the first things I noticed was that almost every restaurant and shop have their signs in Vietnamese, English and Russian….

Our original tour in Nha Trang was at the hotel called the Saigon Royal which we stayed at for two nights.  – if you are coming to Nha Trang, DO NOT stay here, it is an absolute dive which costs about $10 per night. – The rooms were stank, the towels were falling apart and the bathrooms, showers were absolute shat nasty!  – Just a note, for this Tour, I would only say the only adequate hotels on the tour were in Hanoi and Hoi Anh. The rest of the hotels, I have to say I was very very disappointed in and would not recommend them to anybody.

We are now back for another four nights staying at the Sheraton! (Sheraton is banging! True 5* Service!)

There are a few key things to see and do in Nha Trang that are really fun and worth while!

  1. Boat Cruise – Take a boat cruise and visit some of the local islands – there are a number of boats which can be hired near the cable cars for VinPearl.
  2. VinPearl – We did not go here, but was told it was kind of like a kids disneyland but sucked for adults…we asked several people both tourists and locals and the majority said skip it! In fact, only 1 person said to visit….
  3. Po Nagar Cham Towers – I think this was one of the coolest temples that I have seen, it is on the top of this hill and is made from bricks but I could not see any mortar on it…looked extremely old and was totally standing the test of time!  It is said that they started building them in the seventh century
  4. Nha Trang Cathedral, very model but built in the 1930’s. Absolutely gorgeous and worth the visit to see Ava Maria
  5. Long Son Pagoda and the BIG White Buddha!  – There is something really special about big Buddha’s and sleeping ones. I could have spent all day here watching the monks and the people pray, chant and fulfill their spiritual needs!
  6. Thap Ba Hot Springs! – DO NOT MISS THIS!!! It’s always fun to get dirty!!! This is the cleanest mud spa I have ever been too, in fact even my mom had a good time getting dirty!  – They are extremely clean, safe and do not have to worry about getting a ball of hair in your mud…If you heard about our mud spa experience in Mancorra, Peru this is at the absolute other end of the scope 1* vs 10*!
  7. Hai Dao Tourist Center – If you want to waste 30 minutes and go for a walk, Hai Dao is a nice little island to walk around and then go for a drink. If I am not mistaken there is a club and also a nice restaurant here which could be very nice to enjoy in the evening.

There are obvsiouly a lot of other things you can do here in Nha Trang, but these are the ones that we took in and really enjoyed ourselves. Tomorrow is our last full day in Nha Trang and may decide to visit the salt fields and Doc Let Beach.

If you are in Vietnam and have a few days to spare, come visit Nha Trang and dish out a little extra to stay at a hotel or resort that you will enjoy. It will make your holiday that much better!

I have put a gallery of photo’s from around Nha Trang for you to enjoy!

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