Section 202 Vancouver WhitecapsFC the poorest of supporters (in my opinion)…

It’s Friday and I am still having a hard time digesting the Vancouver Whitecaps FC game against Dallas on Wednesday evening.  I left BC Place really annoyed, irritated and thinking that the “Supporters Section 202”, was probably the most ignorant and depressing place in the whole stadium. (I haven’t been in SouthSiders section, but I am sure it is not nearly as bad as 202) It wasn’t the game itself, although the play was horrendous. What pissed me off the most was that I was sitting in section 202 (Row A) -I am a season ticket holder in section 211 but had family in town so gave them my seats and took the cheap seats.  I have really come to a conclusion that there are many people who sit in the end-zones are probably the poorest supporters of WhitecapsFC (Not All, only some).  I heard so many things that were ignorant and extremely rude that was just shooting down the team that we are supposed to be cheering for.  Things like Camilo you are $hit, just like the color of the jersey you are wearing, and then the unclassy “*uck you Dallas” chant, really classy guys, I think we can do better!   I have been to many Premier league games and yes its fun when they are a little rowdy, but atleast they are not as trashy as 202 was on Wednesday… in any case. I’m all in for having fun and being rowdy, but  lets have a little class and be true fans!  Keep pushing for our team, rather than tearing them down.  WhitecapsFC have had a great run so far this season and sure we will end it on a high note!

Go Caps Go!


One thought on “Section 202 Vancouver WhitecapsFC the poorest of supporters (in my opinion)…

  1. I think the people you are referring to in those sections are walk up casual fans that aren’t real soccer supporters,.. but maybey curious bc lions or canucks fans from Surrey or The Valley.

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