Monocle Magazine, why I am cancelling my subscription… #Monocle @OhMonocle

Dear Monocle, 

You know how much I love your magazine, I have been an advocate for nearly the past three years. I have told many of my friends and customers in the education and library world to purchase and subscribe to your magazine as well as have gifted a number of subscriptions to my very close friends and family.  

ImageI am sorry that I will not be renewing to your magazine nor will I be picking it up at my local or international news stand.  You see, it’s not the quality of the content. Your content has grown substantially in substance and quality in the past year especially and has provided hours of reading and entertainment. I am also not cancelling because think your magazine is too expensive, in fact I think you could charge more. 

The problem for me is that there are publishers (perhaps yourselves) think there content is too precious for a proper online or replica edition.  I am sure  many of your followers are global travellers and may not have so much precious time at home or the room in their hand luggage for a massive beautiful magazine such as Monocole.  As beautiful as it is, a print edition is just NOT CONVENIENT.

I am unsure why Monocle does not go with an online replica edition, but I do know that if you want me back as a customer you will need to bend to this curve.  Are you worried about losing your brand? Your brand is not lost going to be lost with an online replica edition, there are ways that you can protect your brand and content.  If at the very least, you have way more opportunities to expand and grow your brand with limited to no sacrifices.

Often times when I travel to different countries, I am wanting to reference Monocle magazine or your unique travel guides  to check out the many sights, events, restaurants and shops that you write about, but often times it is with no avail because it is extra hand luggage alongside with the inconvenience of having to seek out so much when a simple keyword search on a replica edition would provide so much more options.

Monocle, we both know you have a loyal following, but for the added value of your subscribers (let alone your advertisers), please strongly consider  a digital replica edition, whether it be a flat PDF or something Smart, just make it searchable and accessible for those of us who need and desire the flexibility to have your publication at our fingertips anywhere-anytime.  

Monocle, you have a lot to gain.





Ps. I don’t want to ask for too much, but an app of best sights, shops and restaurants that you review would be spiffy and well used!



One thought on “Monocle Magazine, why I am cancelling my subscription… #Monocle @OhMonocle

  1. Im not sure about previously, but it is possible to read monocle on ANY device which has a browser. All subscribers have digital access not only to the articles (including photography) of the current issue, but EVERY past issue. This is great since not everybody has an ipad and it was a smart move by monocle. Its not a dedicated app, but it doesnt matter.

    If you want the articles in a downloaded form, as opposed to relying on an internet connection, the solution is simple. Save the page for offline reading.

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