Counting Crows Concert Review #MooseJaw #Saskatchewan

Counting Crows may as well consider renaming their band to “Counting Dollars” or “Counting Sheep.” It’s a good thing that the strobe lights were moving, because nobody else was…Tonight,  the lack of energy portrayed was more than enough to put some to sleep!

In fairness the crowd of 50 (OK, maybe 1,000) were about as alive as stunned manikins. Nobody moving, barely head bobbing. Does this leave the question to ask that maybe the fans rubbed negativity to Counting Crows, or was it simply the  lameness that Counting Crows walked out to a recording of “Lean on Me”. – Regardless both parties should have put on their A-Game! We bought five “club” seats for the Counting Crows show in Moose Jaw.  I have to admit I was quite excited to see the show as I have been a Counting Crows fan for a long long time, let along their albums are (were) some of my favorites to listen to.

Adam Duritz seemed to have the personality of my pet rock, pretty much non-existent. Only twice during the whole show did he address the crowd. First time with some curse words and the second time about Oxfam and violence against women. – clearly, both go hand in hand…WTF?   Songs like Mr. Jones, Adam tried to make it so artistic, but just made it sound autistic. I will never be able to listen to Mr. Jones the same way again. Quite the way to ruin an incredibly good song. Why can’t he just stay true to the music, move around smile and pretend he’s happy to be in Moose Jaw?

FullSizeRenderWhat really pissed me off is that Adam Duritz has the most amazing voice. Adam did not stretch his voice or even attempt to try to impress with his God given talents. Half the songs he sat in the back in front of the piano, not entertaining at all. Adams 15 seconds of fame came near the end of the show where it was just him and the keyboard. If there was ever a concert of him and a keyboard, it surely would have some potential to be something to write home about!IMG_3707

“Rain King” aka “I deserve a little more!” Was the 2’nd last song and was pretty much sums up how I felt about the concert. So much to be wanted, but not delivered. The last lyrics were really the icing on the cake, “This cities a drag, Fly away somewhere new, Take a holiday in Spain”.  Left me feeling that Adam Duritz and the Counting crows are a serious bunch of A-holes and so dis-respectful to a small city such as Moose Jaw.

Counting Crows, I’m sorry you have failed me and the fans of Moose Jaw. MK

Ps. I am going to give you good credit for working with Oxfam in Canada to stop violence against women. #kudos (Please donate our refund to Oxfam… 🙂


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