Kindness and Liars

There is one thing that I hate more than selling “used” items online via Craigslist or other classified ads and that is being taken advantage of and people who do not keep their word.

Recently, I was helping my wife sell her vehicle and accommodated a couple from Kelowna to come see the vehicle. First, the boyfriend came down from Kelowna, took it for a test drive and seemed to enjoy it, came across as a straight shooter. Said he would coordinate with his girlfriend if she wants it or not (we had also agreed on the lowest price if they were to take it) – no commitments.

Two days later, the girlfriend (who would be the purchaser) had called me to say that she had a broken ball joint in her car so her boyfriend was to drive back to Kelowna, pick her up and come back to Vancouver to see the vehicle.

In good faith and to make it easier for them (as they had seemed genuine), I had made a deal with them.  I will pick up the flight from Kelowna to Vancouver. If she purchased the vehicle, she wouldn’t need to cover the cost of the flight. If she didn’t want the vehicle, she would pay $150 for the flight. She had agreed, so the flight was booked for her. (Note: Flight was booked in the afternoon for the same day departure).

At about 9pm, I received a call saying she was coming because she has been clean and sober for three years but her boyfriend apparently has been lying to her and has not been and that he wasn’t the person she thought he was….blah blah blah and I’m not coming to Vancouver….

I have worked to message her for the last 10 days and with no response. Completely avoiding phone calls and sms. So now because of my good will, I am out the flight to Vancouver, feeling a little-taken advantage of.

My thoughts are this:  When selling anything to anyone, especially off of craigslist, do not show good will because you may just be taken advantage of like me.  Makes me feel like an absolute dumbass by trying to be kind and accommodating.

A message for her: Good job on being sober for three years, however, it doesn’t give you a right to not keep your word.  I don’t wish bad on you, but I sure hope that you will clean yourself up not only continuing to be sober, but to be a better person. A person who has integrity and can keep their word at very least.


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