Is Facebook a supporter of free speech or a platform with a one-sided agenda?

This evening I am left asking myself, “Is Facebook a supporter of free speech or a platform with a one-sided agenda“? Those who know me, know that I often have an opinion (Which I believe I am able to have) and will say whats on my mind.  In some cases, I do try to censor myself to an extent as there are people who I genuinely care about and value the relationship with them, even though I may not jive or think the same way as them; I still respect them as individuals.

There are however times like today, where I have shared what I felt is a wonderful story of little Eleven-year-old Frank Giacci that left me with a great feeling of excitement for the young kid. That being said, someone with an attitude clearly attempted to highjack the good nature of the article and turn it into something ugly and agenda driven stating that “he is a prime example of white male privilege“. How desperate they must be for conflict.

As someone who believes in free speech,  I strongly support individuals sharing opinions and positions freely, especially on a platform such as Facebook, where you are communicating mainly with your network of contacts.  Today, I am deeply discouraged that FaceBook would take the liberty of removing a short series of comments and discussion from my Facebook wall that I do not believe reflect hate or bigotry, but a statement of opinions a negative individual wished to share. That being said, I have no problem with the comments, but would have wished they explained how they justified such an opinion of “White male privilege”.

Facebook, over the years you have been the peoples platform. Today, I am questioning if you are who you say you are? A platform for the people or an agenda driven platform.  I would kindly ask that you respect the values of free speech, debate and open communication. When you remove, block or hide an open discussion as such, you become part of the problem rather than the solution. I have to ask, what happened to your mission statement listed on your community standards page?  “Our mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected” is this still the case?

Today, I was reminded of the video I saw on Facebook of the comedian Steven Crowder, where he says;

“At least they thought they were fighting the system, they were trying to create transparency, they really thought they were for free speech. You people are openly and completely against it – you’re not fighting for free speech, you’re not fighting for rights, you’re fighting for the right to be a pussy and to not hear opinions that you don’t like!”

Disappointed that I have also realized that Facebook is not the peoples platform, but that of an agenda driven group of indivduals. 

I have pasted below the series of screen shots as well as the text of the conversation which was deleted for reference and blacked out the names of the individuals for privacy reasons.

Post: Fox New’s Post

Me – Who cares who the president is. This is simply a great story and cool opportunity for Franky.

Eleven-year-old yard services entrepreneur Frank Giaccio locked down his biggest client ever Friday morning, mowing The White House lawn on the invitation of President Donald J. Trump

Original Post

 Conversation as such:

C – At the risk of sounding like a Debbie Downer… I have to admit I would enjoy this story more if it featured a female entrepreneur, or another member of a societal group that is denied equal opportunities in the world force, rather than being another prime example of white male privilege. That said, super cool opportunity for young Franky (who likely has yet to learn about white privilege or the patriarchy). i wish him all the best with his landscaping empire.

Me – Wow, total downer…I’m not sure where you would get this idea that sex or race had anything to do with it. The article says “he wrote to the president saying it would be his “honour to mow the White House lawn.””

C – Yup. Probably the first kid to ever make a request for personal access to the White House… can you imagine how many thousands of request letters they receive from kids of all genders and ethnicities? If you actually believe the Trump administration would have given the same opportunity if Franky happened to be the daughter of Latino immigrants, you might wanna think about taking the blinders off. Again, not trying to start a debate here, or come across as buzz kill for ya. Ive just been made more acutely aware lately that remaining silent when I see stories like this IS PART OF THE PROBLEM. 

M2 – I’m sorry your hatered of men (sexism) and white people (racism) is blinding you the to beauty of the moment. You’re a total downer, girl

C – not sure why you’re feeling compelled to try and personally shame me for sharing my views (which might be different than yours, and that’s ok. To clarify, i don’t hate white people or men (or anyone, for that matter. Hate is a strong word used by people rooted in fear). I love people, actually, all colours and genders. I agree it must have been a beautiful moment, for young Franky, as I indicated in my original comment. I wish him all the best and I’m not blaming him for what must have been a remarkable experience. I’m just pointing out the reality that white male privilege does apply in this situation. Have a nice life, sistaaaaa? #onwards

Me I’m not sure how many kids woudl actually be asking to do the yard work. I’m sure it was pure and innocent. As was my intentions when posting this article as something that I genuinely thought was pretty cool. I’m still confused as to why race or sex or under privileged had to come into this :(.

Me I’m Doubtful many kids ask to “mow the law”. I’m pretty sure thats a very unique request.

On a side note to Franky. I admire your entrepreneurial attitude, your motivation and drive to write to the President and ask if you could mow his lawn. It must have been an amazing experience.  Franky, Keep focused always. Work hard and don’t listen to the naysayers. You can do all things and you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Remember it is that of hard work and perseverance that will get you far in life. There will be people who try so hard to tear you down, but always remember you are bigger than them. Pray for them, always be kind, accepting, treat people equally and with respect.  Good luck Franky and reach for the stars!



One thought on “Is Facebook a supporter of free speech or a platform with a one-sided agenda?

  1. Well it does seem facebook is agenda driven. I have reported cases cyberbullying and seeming cyber threats and they didn’t do anything but they remove debates like these. tsk tsk

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